Relationship changes

What is the key for a good functioning relationship? What is its dynamism, progression or difficulties? What can we do for having harmony, living in harmony with our partner?

The modern world has brought a lot of changes into how we maintain a relating to other people in our relationship as well, what kind of expectations we have towards to our partner. If we hear desire/wish and expectation we can find two different underlying meaning mass. Regarding these two words we all have different association or thoughts. If we talk about desires or wishes, comes up like what we would like, what crave for, what we yearn of or what is the center of our reverie and what for we are eager and be able to wait patiently. With the word of expectation we transmit something different, like what we want, what we must have to be and feel well.
The nature of relationship has been changing a lot, and also the fact what we expect or can expect from our partner in a relationship. For a long time marriage was the prototype of relationship. A while ago marriage meant two people live together and form producing/economic unit. Cultivated lands, kept of livestock to provide for their own family. There one expectation existed, commitment to each other. Husband and wife worked for to achieve the same goal, relatively close to each other. Since they worked and were close to each other they had common experiences. In the 17th century another expectation appeared, to have emotions. Appeared the ideal of love, and the perfect conditions was to love and being loved, and having commitments to each other. The aim was to find “the one” and live happily forever in love. By time another expectation appeared as well, like having a good intimacy with our partner. Commitment, love and being good in bed and we expect and want them non-stop. We want to be happy all the time with our partner but reality often creates another outcomes. Just see that, how many hours we spend separately from our partner just with working. Not long time ago another expectation have got seen: spiritual growth together. Having a demand to grow-develop together to not lose our connection. Here creating the list of expectations has not been finished, we have more and more complex expectations which must be satisfied by our partner. On that score our doubtfulness can increase towards ourselves and according to the ideal, like really one person is able to fulfill all of our complex expectations? Is she/he is “the one”?

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