Mental health-mental well-being

We all have a kind of idea what means to be healthy. Health is a physical, mental and social well-being (United Nations). We can find thousands of advises how to become or be physically heathy or how to maintain it.

But how we can establish and maintain our mental health?

Sometimes it is important to stop and turn into our internal world, look into our emotional conditions. See, what kind of changes we have been going through, what we have improved or achieved and what kind of changes we can notice on ourselves. We continuously get feedbacks from our environment but those feedbacks without consideration do not mean anything. To look into ourselves we must stop, or at least must slow down and trying to integrate and process negative and positive experiences and happenings as well. In the Indian culture they say “The mind and body must stop for the soul to catch up.”


Is it possible to stop in this racing world? Absolutely possible and necessary! Weekly one or one and half hour is enough to work internally on ourselves, like outlining current problems, thinking of how to solve them but also how to present ourselves or satisfy own needs. We all need our own time by ourselves when we take care of our soul, of our emotional well-being. It is all about balance, if we take care of our physical health why don’t we do the same with our mental one? Generally people think that time what we spend with ourselves, is wasting. When we are alone, rather to be busy with smartphones, using social media or watching television. Some people put a very strong effort to avoid to be alone and look inside.

To turn and look inside, focusing onto our emotional happenings is a great help to solve non-pathological problems just with creating balance. Already we know positive effects of doing sport, at the same time to take care of our mental health is still a kind of taboo or misunderstanding.

Getting stuck in our life is so often associated with being weak as asking for help as well. Seems easier to pretend everything is perfect and we are strong. To admit that there are problems what for we need help to solve, is not a weakness. Who is looking for emotional balance and ask help for it is not weak. I say it is “just” HUMAN!

When we have problems with our body we go to a doctor, maintaining our physical health we look for trainers, when we need financial advices we look for an accountant and when we have legal issues we look for a counselor.

Is it a weakness to admit our mental well-being needs care?

No, it is not! In fact, if we find how to calm down to be able to observe and process our emotional rollercoaster, we might be able to use it in serious crises as well. For example stress management or profound self-knowledge can help to step out from deep-rooted schemas. Every each one of us have a time period in life when help is needed.

This is not a weakling people’s need!

Those people’s need whom wants to live their lives consciously. I would like to mention that fact, making effort to maintain our mental balance and health also help to prevent us being physically sick. Scientists have been discovering so many links between mental and physical sicknesses. It is not an easy process, especially to start but worth it. (If we need and we get a professional help, we are able to learn techniques which are able to be used in every area of our lives. I often say to my clients, we need to clear out in our life just once but extensively, after that to maintain the balance is not difficult.)

How to maintain our mental health daily by ourselves?

Having a kind of dialogue with yourself time by time. Like (Am I happy? Or satisfied at least with my life? If not why? Can I change something to make it better? What kind of changes appeared in my life recently? How did I react? What did I learn? What can I do better next time?)

Spend time alone, it helps you to get back the focus onto yourself. Do things which make you happy but not speeding you up. Like: gardening, walking, hiking.

There are things and happenings what we are not able to control in life, but if we have a balanced mental well-being we are able to adopt situations easier and find solutions. The key of our happiness is in our hand, learn to use it!


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