From self-pity to gratitude

Stop feeling pity for yourself! Often heard sentence if there are honest people around but it’s not easy to break a self-pity habit. Being trapped in it, is a very passive condition, part of the learnt helplessness. Often people who feel pity for themselves just keep complaining and waiting for someone to solve their problem, not doing anything to change their situation.

How does gratitude work?

In any desperate situations we can find something to be grateful for. Feel gratitude has several positive effects. Gratitude makes our relationships with other people more opened. Saying “thank you” not just a sign of good manners but also makes us to connect with others easier. Showing gratitude can create new opportunities.

With gratitude we can improve our empathy and decrease aggression. Grateful people behave more on prosocial way even if others don’t interact with them on a nicely. A research of the Kentucky University shows objects with gratitude were less willing to take revenge for offences than those without.


Beneficial results of gratitude

Gratitude improves our physical health, people being grateful experience less physical pain and feel better than people without. They pay attention more to their health, do sports and having screening examinations which improves their quality of life. The psychological health is also gets re-established. Grateful people experience less negative emotions, like greed, anger, frustration and regret. Several researches proved that feeling gratitude often increases the feeling of happiness and decreases depression. Gratitude also supports to sustain our mental strength. Grateful athletes have stronger self-esteem and generally their achievement is better as well (Journal of Applied Sport Psychology). Gratitude reduces social comparison, instead of being offended by other people – who have more money or better jobs etc. (which is the typical sign of low self-esteem) – we will be able to appreciate other people’s achievements. If we recognize all of those own values what for we are able to be grateful it can help us to survive even if we are going through very difficult happenings. Gratitude makes us mentally stronger and that power is able to be used to get out difficult situations.

Keeping a gratitude diary can induces serious changes in us

We all have the capacity and opportunity to entertain the feeling of gratitude. Instead of complaining about what we miss, keep your mind on what you have already. Improving our attitude to feel grateful is one of the best way to amend our satisfaction with life. Write a gratitude diary! Write 5 things or happenings what you experienced on that day what you can be grateful for, just few sentences and after 30 days keeping your gratitude diary you are going to experience significant changes on yourself. It requires persistence but it pays off if you go on with it!

Few words onto the margin: nowadays everywhere you look, you can see and feel the consuming society. You are pushed to buy more and better things. Trust me, they will not make you feel more satisfied with yourself or with your life, not on a long term. There is always something missing, life is not perfect or all the time completed.

Picture: Radiant Life Chriropractic

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